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Tom McKinney & Colleen Ashton-McKinney

Level of Training
All Levels
Types of Training Offered

Singing Lessons (in-person or online)

Things that we cover in lessons:

  • improve your vocal range

  • tone, clarity, and power

  • build stamina

  • eliminate vocal disorders

  • use of dynamics (loud and soft)

  • overcome performance anxiety

  • learn how to connect with the song and the audience

  • learn how to animate yourself onstage (gestures, facial expression, energy level

  • how to create special moments on stage

  • learn a good work ethic as a musician

    Many singers including today’s most talented artists and musicians experience issues with their voice. You’re not alone!

Cost for Session

About This Service

The Voice You’ve Always Wanted Is One Note Away With the Ease of Speech Vocal Technique™

What would you say if we told you that singing should be as easy as speaking? Sounds too good to be true, right? However, with the proper vocal training, you should be able to do just that. The Ease of Speech Singing Technique™ allows you to sing with no more difficulty than speaking clearly and precisely. Since one is not learning “WHAT” to sing but rather “HOW” to sing, this technique can be applied to any genre of music. Tom McKinney created and mastered “The Ease of Speech Singing Technique”. Tom’s vocal training for many years as a student of Seth Riggs, of Los Angeles, and later with Mr. Riggs’ mentor and teacher, the late Keith Davis, of New York City, have garnered him many awards and accolades as a performer and vocal techniques teacher.


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