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Jim Conlan

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Types of Training Offered

After many years as both a voice talent and a director, I have learned that every person with talent is unique. So every person with talent deserves a coach who understands the unique nature of that talent. I offer a two-step approach: first, discover what works for you and help you do more of it. Second, find out how your talent relates to what the industry wants. By matching your talent to the market, you’ll maximize your chances of success.

Cost for Session

Free Introductory Consultation; Online Coaching: $100/hr

About This Service

No matter where in the world you live, I offer private coaching online. It’s not mandatory for you to have a home studio when we begin, just an ability to connect via Zoom or Skype. We can work together remotely up to the point where your demo is produced. For the demo we will need studio-quality audio. We can discuss this at the time it is needed.


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