Competitive Edge Voice Training and Eliza Doolittle Dialects

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4111 West Alameda Avenue, Suite 505, Burbank, CA 91505

Eliza Jane Schneider

Level of Training
Types of Training Offered

Accent Management, Dialect Coaching, Voice Training, Online Character Acting Curriculum, The Business of Voice Over, 3-Step Method to Learn or Lose any Dialect or Accent, The Olympic Vocalist: Building Up Your Voice for Animation and Games

Cost for Session

$5/ 30-Minute Weekly LIVE Warmup, $7/minute Coaching on Skillshub, $450/hr private dialect coaching, $997 1 Year Access to Accents and Dialects Master Class

About This Service

Competitive Edge Voice Training was founded by Eliza Jane Schneider in 2015 to give voice to the unsung. Using cutting edge, revolutionary voice training techniques developed by Schneider and her voice acting colleagues over the past 3 decades, CEVT’s mission is to empower anyone who speaks English to turn their voice into their greatest asset, whether they do character voice acting, public speaking, or any business wherein mastery of English pronunciation is fundamental to success. CEVT students are actors, ESL speakers, lawyers and leaders. CEVTvo The Character Acting Academy began in 1992 as Eliza Doolittle Dialects. Eliza began teaching her Dialect Master Class series, using Suzuki ear-training techniques to help actors nail auditions and perfect their accents and dialects.


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