Adventures in Voice Acting

1(818) 873-5657

Burbank, CA 91505

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Burbank, CA 91505

Tony Oliver, Dorah Fine, Dave Bisson, Mea Starr Tavares, Greg Chun, Chris Hackney, Phillip Reich, Julie Maddalena

Level of Training
All Levels
Types of Training Offered

Voice Acting Courses in Person & Remote: ADR for Anime , Live-Action Dubbing, Animation, Video Games, Characters, & Voice Actor Wellness/Health. Remote Private Coaching: Commercials, Interactive, Character, Animation, Video Games, Business/Career Coaching

Cost for Session

Single Session Courses: $185-$375 Multi-Session Courses: $285-$600 Workouts: $0-$125 Virtual Coaching: $100/hr Pricing Plans: $120-$700

About This Service

The Adventures in Voice Acting School powered by Bang Zoom provides industry standard education online & in studio. Our courses are taught by working professional directors and voice actors along with experienced recording engineers under real world conditions.


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