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1(385) 424-0778

445 N 700 W, Suite 101, North Salt Lake, UT 84054

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About This Studio

Built in early 2018, Funk Studios is one of Utah’s largest recording spaces, boasting 23-foot ceilings and over 1300 square feet in the live room alone. The building is capable of accommodating sessions of all types, orchestral, choral, voiceovers, full-band tracking and vocals, mixing, etc. Whatever your project’s audio needs, we can help make it sound like you envisioned. From the physical and acoustical design of the rooms, to the sleek, modern aesthetic, we want to provide a recording studio experience unlike any other. Come see, and hear, for yourself!


Funk Studios was the vision of songwriter and composer Jim Funk’s decades-long aspiration to offer premium gear and pristine audio quality to recording artists. Our studio will provide a location for professional work of all types. We offer a 1300-square-foot sound stage – outfitted with both state of the art digital gear and near-priceless vintage analog gear–and a Pro Tools system capable of handling the most complex tracking demands. Funk Studios has been in the works for years, stemming from owner Jim Funk’s desire to provide exceptional recording services in a world-class facility. In 2015, Jim hired studio designer Jerry Steckling to make plans repurposing an industrial warehouse into what would become Funk Studios.



Mics Include

(1) AEA A440

(2) AEA N8

(1) AEA R88

(1) AKG C414 B-TLII

(2) AKG C414 XLS

(1) AKG C 414 B-XLS

(2) AKG C451 B

(2) AKG C1000 S

(1) AKG D 112 MKII

(1) AT 4060

(4) AT – ATM 25

(2) Beesneez Lulu Tube KM54

(1) Beyer Dynamic MC 834

(2) Bock 50

(1) Bock 251

(2) Bock 5-0-7

(2) Bock 407

(2) Brauner VM-1

(2) DPA 4011A

(1) Lawson L47 MP

(2) Lucas CS-1

(2) Neumann KMi 84

(2) Neumann KM184

(1) Neumann TLM 102

(1) Neumann U47 FET

(3) Neumann U67

(2) Neumann U87

(2) Oktava MC 012-01

(3) Royer R-122V

(2) Royer R-121

(1) Sanken COS-11d

(2) Schoeps CMC-6U M4

(2) Sennheiser MKH 416

(4) Sennheiser 421-II

(1) Shure Beta 52A

(3) Shure SM7B

(6) Shure SM57

(4) Shure SM58

(1) Shure SM81

(1) Shure Super 55

(1) Telefunken ELAM 251

Other Equipment

GEAR Includes:

ProTools HDX

Focusrite RedNet 64×64 I/O

SSL Duality Delta 48-channel analog console

ATC soffit mains (LCR)

Adam Audio S3H Mid-Fields

Adam Audio Sub15

Adam Audio A5X Surrounds



GML 8300

Grace 201

Great River MP-2NV

Manley VoxBox

API Channel Strip (2)

Rupert Neve Portico II

Millennia HV3R

NPNG (8 channels)

Summit M210 (16)

Neve 1073 DPX

Neve 88R LB (2)

BAE 312A (2)

Burl B1 (2)

Crane Song Syren (2)

Avedis MD7 (2)

Neve 1081 (2)

BAE API Dual 312 (vintage)



Distressors (2)

Manley ELOP

Tube Tech CL-1B (1)


BAE 10DCF (2)

Elysia Xpressor 500

API 527 (2)

Crane Song Falcon (2)

Universal Audio 1176

Warm Audio WA-76 (1)



Great River EQ-2NV

Lucas 3-band (2)

Summit EQP 200B

Great River Harrison 32 (2)

API 550B (2)

Chandler Little Devil (2)

Other Features

Source Connect
SAG/AFTRA Approved
Accessible by mass transit (less than 3 blocks from nearest transit stop)
Other accommodations and notes


Studio is wheelchair accessible?
Booth is wheelchair accessible?
Able to accommodate talent with visual disabilities?
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