Web Banner

Web Banner

Web banners stick to the top of the page as the page scrolls, making it a valuable option for advertisers.
Please select one of our advertising options above. Descriptions & Options are below.

• There are ONLY (two)  web banners available on The VORG home page. They do not rotate. $400 each.

• There are 2 (two) web banners available on EACH Region’s Home Page (NY, CHI, LA and Regional). They do notrotate. $350 each.

• There are 2 (two) ROTATING web banners available on EACH Single Category in the 3 Major Markets (Recording LA, Casting NY, etc). $250 each.

• There are 2 (two) ROTATING web banners available on EACH Regional page (West, Midwest, Northeast & South). $250 each.

** All web banners renew advertising every six months.

Web Banner Specs;

936 px wide X 120 px tall

Artwork must be RBG web resolution (72 dpi) JPEG, PNG, GIF or animated GIF files, 100kb or less


On Home Page

Availability: 2 in stock

On Single Region Home (LA, NY, etc.)

Availability: 2 in stock

Single Page: Service listing in a region (LA Rec Studios, etc.)

Availability: 2 in stock

Online Advertising Additional Information

Design Fee

We design your online advertisement.

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