Sponsor The Mega Grid

The VO Industries ONLY fully searchable database. The entire Voice Over Resource Guide at your fingertips on one page, with YOUR BRANDING and ONLY your branding all over it!

An excellent way to promote events, spotlight new products, your new recording studio, you name it!
Check out our CURRENT Mega Grid Sponsor to get a “FEEL” for it!

Here’s what you’ll need;

• 1) An Abstract Header Graphic

An abstract image using the same branding colors of your main banner image. Think of this as a BACKGROUND.

Specs: 2000 pixels wide BY 500 pixels tall

• 2) A Main Banner w/ Logo Graphic

A Primary Banner, using the same branding colors of your abstract banner image.
Think of this as a BILLBOARD or your MAIN ADVERTISEMENT.

It includes your CLEAR (Transparent Background) LOGO.

Specs: 2000 pixels wide BY 500 pixels tall.

• 3) A Left Side Sticky Logo Graphic or Image

 Send us another version of your logo or an image to go along with your branding.
It will be “sticky” meaning it will follow our users as they scroll down the page without impeding their use of the search.

Specs: It should be 500px wide and can be between 300px and 600px tall.


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