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From Tim and Jay "The last 2 years have brought a lot of change to our industry and there is still a lot left to go. We are excited to continue the legacy and history of the VORG for many years to come".  ~ April 2022

The Story of the VORG, as told by the founders, Dave Sebastian Williams & Terri Williams:

"VORG is the acronym for Voice Over Resource Guide

In 1988, while in the waiting room of the Voicecaster, (then on Cahuenga West) I reached into my back pocket and took out a very old, folded-up, well used piece of paper on which I had listed many of that era’s Voice Over Recording Studios and the very short list of VO Casting houses. I needed to plan the route to the location of my next VO audition or session. That day, a few of the actors/actresses in the Voicecaster waiting room noticed my tattered list and asked me for a copy. Bob Lloyd didn’t let others use his copy machine, soooo (oh, he did have a pay phone in the waiting room – pre cell phone days)… It was that night when reflecting over my days events that I decided (at my own expense) that very soon, I would GO-TO-PRESS with the Voice Over Guide (see a few pictured below). I expanded my back pocket list by adding Categories and more FREE Listings in each Category. I had a few thousand printed up and started handing them out wherever I went. The response was always positive to my FREE Voice Over Guide handout. I’m thankful to the many industry people who shared their valuable insight regarding those early VOGs, especially as to how THEY used my two fold, six panel VO Publication. As time passed, many people asked me to expand the FREE Listings and Categories, which I did.

By late 1993, the VOG expanded to a three fold, eight panel, FREE handout, and I was printing and distributing 5-7000 each quarter. Over the first ten years (’88-’98) many recording studios, production companies, workshops and reel to reel & cassette duplicators called and wanted to buy Ad space. Being nudged, mainly by my former On-Camera Commercial Agent, wife, Terri and the large community of VO'ers which had my VO Workshops over the previous 18 years, I decided to expand not only the FREE Listings, but the Categories as well.

circa 1988-1998

Then came the summer of 1998 and after much research of Actors and Industry Insiders, we decided to launch the FULL COLOR, Advertiser Supported, Newsstand Voice Over Resource Guide (VORG) (see the 1st and more recent covers below). Terri and I Published the 40 page, very first Newsstand VORG in October 1998. It was supported by Display Advertising on the same pages as the FREE Listings just as it is today, in many Categories which helps it breathe life to the many thousands of people who use it daily. I sometimes feel that more importantly the Ads provide as much information ABOUT our industry as the FREE Listings always have and still do. Our Voice Over Industry is ever-changing and we keep on top of it with our hundreds of informational changes per Issue, I feel proud of all the additions we’ve made along the way with our Newsstand VORG. Thank you for visiting and utilizing our Online Voice Over Resource Guide.

Oct–Nov–Dec 1998, 2014, 2015

The last quarter of 2004 marked another milestone for the VORG Publishers. We invited the over 20,000 Voice Over actors and actresses to the Grand Opening of Our Industry’s 1st and only website VoiceOverResourceGuide.com. Online we'll be taking the opportunity to offer more benefits to our publication family. With the Newsstand VORG and the Online VORG complementing one another we believe our industry will grow to be a more recognized thread in the fabric of America and its Advertising. With your support we’ll continue to expand. 2015 brought expansion from primarily a West Coast Publication to now a National feel. We hope you enjoy our team's service and growth as much as we all thrive to bring it to you."

Dave Sebastian Williams & Terri Williams
Voice Over Resource Guide 


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