Todd Schick

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Todd Schick
Types of Demos Offered

Voice critiques, Demo production (pros and semi-pros only).


About This Service

A veteran of the VO industry, Todd Schick’s most recent accomplishment was having his voice heard coast-to-coast in Canada as the National Network Imaging voice for the Global/Canwest Television Network from 2006 – 2013.  Three decades behind the microphone, Todd Schick has lent his voice to almost every format imaginable; thousands of radio and television commercials & promos, hundreds of television documentary programs, extensive animation work, imaging, e-learning and corporate projects.  In addition to an extensive background in broadcasting, Todd is also an accomplished actor, bringing those skills to the studio and applying them to the world of voiceover. Todd runs two recording studios, one at his home in Toronto and the other on the shores of the Bay Of Quinty in Prince Edward County, Ontario. He has often been regarded as “The hardest working VO guy in Canada” and is credited with having invented the business model of a home-based voice talent recording studio delivering audio via the internet – an occupation now enjoyed by thousands of aspiring voice talent.  Todd was one of the first voice artists on the Internet back in the day when Yahoo! was in its infancy.  As a result of his website’s renowned reputation for providing relevant information on the art of voice-over, now enjoys a Page #1 ranking on Google under many search terms associated with voice talent and the VO Industry. Roundly regarded as one of the most comprehensive websites on the internet for voice talent, it boasts some 100+ pages of content related to the voiceover industry.

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