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More frequently asked questions and answers coming soon! Check back often!

The old site is no longer! It was a wonderful tool for our industry but it was dated and it wasn’t easily searchable. In 2022 when Jay Preston took over, he and Tim Friedlander made it their mission to build a new website from the ground up. If you are reading this, then that mission has been achieved! To learn more about the VORG’s History Click HERE.  This site is 100% searchable, 100% up-to-date and 100% awesome! We have a Map Search too! Enjoy!

Yes and Yes! We do our very best to double check everyone’s info. But often info changes without us knowing. SO if there is anything you’d like changed or updated in your FREE listing, simply GO HERE to our Monday Free Listing & Update Form and fill it out. It doesn’t matter if you’ve filled it out before, if there’s something new, fill it on out, and we’ll update it as they come in and time allows! And SOON, you’ll be able to do it yourself from this very website! How exciting!

It sure can! What you have now is a FREE Listing. For only $50 you’ll have an advanced listing with more info, pictures and possibly media. We call it Listing + and it runs 6 months at a time. Reach out today and we’ll get you set up!

Our advertising runs for 6 months. But we do offer discounts if you’d like to bundle ads or go for the full year. Check out the downloadable and fillable PDF form on the “Advertise With Us” page and get in touch! 

You can either CLICK HERE and order yourself a copy of our latest issue #76 and only pay for the shipping! OR you can head to our MAP SEARCH or MEGA GRID and choose the filter VORG PICK UP LOCATION to find the nearest studio to you that has them available for pick up!

A “VORG Verified” service is one that has been double checked & validated by one of the members of Team VORG. If you happen to be a service provider that TEAM VORG doesn’t happen to know of yet, get in touch and we can set up a quick interview process and get you VORG verified!

Once verified, you will receive a “VV” Badge on your listing. Services can also be filtered and searchable by VORG VERIFIED on the Mega Grid. 

This does not mean that a service listed in The VORG without a VV badge is any less of a qualified service, it just means that we haven’t heard of them or had the honor of utilizing said service!

This is just a way for anyone using The Voice Over Resource Guide to easily find a service that they can trust quickly without doing any extra research, because WE CHECKED for you!

Content and Liability Disclaimer 

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Feedback Information 
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