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We have full service audio production and post production capabilities. All our services are available fully remote, or right here in-person in our Midtown New York Penthouse studio. For remote sessions, we offer remote audio kits and fully remote workflow. MIXING, SOUND DESIGN, ADR / RECORDS / REMOTE, VOICE CASTING, RADIO PRODUCTION, SPANISH/INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES, PODCASTING, MUSIC PRODUCTION & SUPERVISION, VIRTUAL REALITY

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About This Casting Service

Voice casting, voice records and VO directing can make or break a project. Done right, it can do more than simply provide a suitable voice. It will make the script believable and make your concept come alive. Which is why we focus so much of our attention on voice talent, such a critical phase of production.

Our long history and relationships with the acting community and top talent agencies ensure we will find the right voice for your project. We cast regionally and nationally, including foreign language projects.

Pomann Sound is a SAG signatory and can offer direct talent payments for your project as needed.


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