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The Voice Over Resource Guide is the Voice over industry’s oldest and most definitive voice over publication. It was created and in 1988. The website, lovingly referred to as The VORG is the online counter-part to the publication. Here you’ll find listings and resources across the entire United States & Canada for all things voice over, including recording studios, casting services, actor training, voice over rates, demo production, talent agencies, voice over conferences, events and so much more. Read the full history of the VORG below!

The History of the VORG can be found below.

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A History in VORG


Dave Sebastian Williams, inspired by friends, turned his back pocket VO Casting & Recording Studios list, which was then a folded up peice of paper, into “The Voice Over Guide”. It was the first ever, FREE, two-fold, six pannel Voice Over Publication!


By late 1993, “The VORG” expanded to a three fold, eight panel, FREE handout, and Dave was printing and distributing around 7,000 each quarter!


October of 1998 Dave and Terri (Dave’s Wife) launched the first FULL COLOR, Advertiser supported, 40 page Newsstand Voice Over Resource Guide(VORG). It was supported by Display Advertising on the same pages as the FREE Listings just as it is today. It helped Breathe life to the many thousands of people who used it daily.


The last quarter of 2004 marked another milestone for The VORG Publishers. Dave & Terri invited over 20,000 VO Actors and actresses to the Grand Opening of Our Industry’s 1st and only website VoiceOverResourceGuide.com. Creating the ONLINE opportunity to offer more benefits to our publication family. With the Newsstand VORG and the Online VORG complementing one another Dave decided to expand not only the FREE Listings, but the categories as well!


2015 brought expansion from primarily a West Coast Publication to a National feel with the inclusion of New York!


In January 2018 Rick Dasher, owner of North Hollywood Sound and The Voice Over Connection, bought Dave & Dave Recording Studios and The Voice Over Resource Guide. After several publications he decided it was time to grow the VORG and in early 2022 enlisted the help of Jay Preston to take the reins and bring the VORG to the next level.


Jay Preston, founder of The Voice Over Collective, immediately brought on-board his long time working partner and friend Tim Friedlander, founder of NAVA, and a new team (Joanne Lichtenstein, Jenn Wong & Michele Haines). Together they launched the fully updated VORG Publication Issue #75 and began work on THIS incredible website, expanding it’s reach nationwide & bringing The Voice Over Resource Guide into this day-and-age and ready for the future!

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