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Who Is Don LaFontaine?
If you’ve been to the movies on a Saturday night, you may have played ‘Count The Don’s’…a game some in the voiceover industry like to play. The object is to count how many movie trailers, prior to the feature, Don LaFontaine has voiced. We’ve heard of a record 8 out of 8. But, if you were home Saturday night (04/29/07), you may have caught his dulcet tones on an episode of Jeopardy, where he was the subject of a category called “Food A LaFontaine.” Not only did they tackle the category top to bottom…the contestants even tried to mimic the King Of Movie Trailers. We’ll take ‘Great Ideas’ for $1000, Alex.

The Tonight Show with Don LaFontaine
Following this week’s (4/11/07) American Idol Results Show, the latest castoff, Haley Scarnato, was joined by her (Geico) translator, Don LaFontaine, on the set of the TONIGHT SHOW with Jay Leno. Much "patented" fun ensued. Don then took them to commercial. As it went to BLACK you could almost hear Don’s car door slamming closed as he was then whisked back to HIS home studio for more sessions. Sam Ruben’s KTLA Morning Show Crack Entertainment Department was also clever enough to air an excerpt the following morning.

The Big 4 of Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.
Originally produced months earlier and pre-empted at least twice before airing 03/23/07, this recognition piece speaks highly of the people in our industry. For the Today Show... NBC's Michael Okwu reports on tinsel town's VO Talent whose voices are famous, but whose faces aren't, well, aside for one lizard sidekick. Enjoy the off mic personalities of Joe Cipriano, George DelHoyo, Mark Elliot and Don LaFontaine as we see and hear what keeps them at the top of the LIST as Movie Trailer and Promo Voices. And YES, there is a LIST.

Eye on LA
Garth Kemp takes us along as he interviews one of the hardest working Union Voice Actors in our business. Learn how Bill Ratner, The VOICE of ABC-7 landed some of today’s prized VO Jobs.

The Importance of Being Flint
We’re pleased to present the DVD interview with our industry’s G.I. Joe, the affable Bill Ratner.

Introducing the "Insta-trailer"
The Voice Overs of tomorrow today.

13 of TVs most invisible Primetime actors make up this incredibly talented group. The 'Mic Light' is on when Mark Steines of Entertainment Tonight takes us behind the scenes and into the studios of Dave Fennoy, Joe Cipriano and Don LaFontaine. The cat is out of the bag now, Des Moines.

Chewbacca's VO Session
May the force be with you in all of your sessions.

Good Morning Don LaFontaine
Bill Weir, former KABC-TV Sports Anchor and now co-host of Good Morning America Weekend Edition, interviewed 'The Don' of Movie Trailers & Promos. Here's one of the most memorable TV segments about our industry. Not really informative but memorable. We wonder if Don's agent (Tisherman) will send us a bill for airing all these DLF vids? Air date was Saturday, February 12, 2005

5 Guys in a Limo
The 1997 Hollywood Reporter 26th Annual Key Art Awards, honoring excellence in movie advertising got off to huge applause for the opening short produced by vendor Aspect Ratio. The film featured the 'hottest' Voice Over Actor/Narrators of Trailers and Spots,  Don LaFontaine, Nick Tate, John Leader, Mark Elliot, and Al Chalk.

Jerry Seinfeld’s film “COMEDIAN, Where Does Comedy Come From?” is the unique and engaging look at what it took for him, and by extension every stand-up, to get there.  Here, for your enjoyment, is one of the Trailers utilizing the identifiable talents of Voice Over Actor Hal Douglas playing the part of Jack as the On-Camera Narrator.

Million Dollar Voices
In early Summer 2004 Los Angeles local TV affiliate FOX 11 News aired this video package about the hard working Promo and Trailer voices who’s names are synonymous with Million Dollar Careers.  Don LaFontaine, George DelHoyo, Ben Patrick Johnson, and Cedering Fox are among those showcased.

A Day With The Don
It was the summer of 1997 and NBC DATELINE'S Josh Mankiewicz interviews the Movie Trailer V-O-G DON LAFONTAINE.  Josh takes us on a day-in-the-life Ride-A-Long in Don's limo going from studio to network to studio. This is worth viewing if only for the multiple Dateline Opening reads near the end of the piece.

VO Down Under
In 1997 the Australian television magazine show "Scoop" came to America to expose it's sizable audience to the successes of one of it's homeboys.  Australian actor, Nick Tate is another of those famous Movie Trailer Voices.  His 'backyard' reads with the Scoop's affable host can teach us all something.

The HitchHickers Guide To The Galaxy
Luci, of Dave & Dave, showed us the above noted website answers the question "What is a Movie Trailer?" Actor/Playwright Stephen Fry narrates the answer, but if you listening carefully, about half way thru you'll hear the unmistakeable voice of a former VO Booth recordist/director for the Tisherman Agency. Now he's a part of www.PrimetimeVoices.com, Ashton Smith.

Is this Video for real? Email us if you know!
"Rockwell Automation World Headquarters", yea, we got that and the part at the end, "are sold". Thanks to Marc Cashman, who sent us this one, we'll all feel better when we hear it took days to produce. If you know who the Actor is, let us know. We'd love to print his production stories.

VO Celebrity Book Signing and Q&A Forum
A throng of well over 300 VO Actors and Actresses came together on a cool afternoon Saturday, April 17, 2004 to experience the VO Celebrity Book Signing and Voice Over Q & A Forum. This FREE event was held at Beverly Garland's Holiday Inn, Studio City Sponsored by the Voice Over Resource Guide and Dave & Dave Incorporated.